Still Motivated?

We have all been there, your training is going great, you’ve been absolutely on it with your nutrition and you are flying towards your goals. Then from out of nowhere your motivation is gone, you’ve got a million different excuses to eat the wrong things or skip a training session. Why does this happen? There […]


Saturday 10th February, 8am-1pm All sessions are FREE 8.30am Barbell Metcon with Sean 9.30am Indoor Cycling with Lucy 9.30am Teen Barbell Club (NEW) with Robin 10.30am Core with Robin 11.30am Bootcamp with Team Catalyst   Also available on the day: New client clothing range Fitness challenges with prizes Amazing discounts on supplements Exclusive Group Training offer   […]

Ella set for bright fututre

  Young archer, Ella Gibson started training with Catalyst Coach Eddie Jones on May 18th 2017. After meeting with at Catalyst, Ella and Eddie went over the biomechanical demands of her sport while discussing how strength and conditioning could help significantly improve her sports performance. With Ella transitioning to a compound bow type in January […]

It tastes like… water!

  As a trainer, one of the first things I discuss with my clients when it comes to their general health is their fluid intake. Most people won’t have any idea of how much water they consume on a daily basis, if any at all. A common answer to not drinking water will be “I […]

Start your fitness journey

Not sure where to start your fitness journey or how to take your training to another level? This Personal Training offer is the perfect way to get started at Catalyst. We will assess you on your first session and set specific and realistic goals. These will be taken into account giving you the bespoke training […]

SCI-MX nutritional supplements

At Catalyst Personal Training we are proud to stock SCI-MX nutritional supplements. Protein shakes aren’t just for body builders… If you train hard like all of our clients at Catalyst then a protein shake is perfect way to recover post workout. A post workout Protein shake promotes a quicker recovery. During November we have 10% […]

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