Ella set for bright fututre


Young archer, Ella Gibson started training with Catalyst Coach Eddie Jones on May 18th 2017. After meeting with at Catalyst, Ella and Eddie went over the biomechanical demands of her sport while discussing how strength and conditioning could help significantly improve her sports performance.

With Ella transitioning to a compound bow type in January 2017, Ella found herself suffering from rotator cuff issues as well as finding the increased demand of the sport more straining.

Ella and Eddie have worked together around her busy shooting/academic schedule to hone in on specific areas of her shooting routine.  A primary area of focus was shoulder and hip stability along with shoulder and back mobility, with a program being implemented to target these areas of weakness.

Ella Gibson – History

2015 June – Ella started archery when Xperience Archery came to her secondary school in October 2014 for a 6 week taster session.

She enjoyed it and I was good at it, so signed up to a beginners course in the beginning of 2015, then an improvers course and 6 months after trying it I joined Deer Park Archers Club in Gloucester.

Her achievements to date:


  • December – second in the Junior National Indoor Championships U16 Barebow


  • 1st in the Junior National Outdoor Championships both days U18 Barebow
  •  1st in the Junior National Indoor Championships U18 Barebow
  •  2 National records in Barebow
  • 1st in the Junior National Rankings 2016 for Barebow
  • 1st in the Barebow Nationals
  • Junior Master bowman achieved
  • 2 Grand Master Bowman scores achieved


  • January started Compound Bow type
  • 1st for the Gloucestershire Senior indoor championships
  • National Record for a Stafford
  • 1st in the Rankings and head 2 heads of the Bucks and County competition
  • National series 1 and 2 – ranked 10th in the Saturday qualifications, ranked 8th in the Sunday qualifications, ranked 14th over all
  • National County Team event- ranked 2nd in the Individuals for the Sunday World Archery 1440 (Maximum score), as a team we achieved 3rd for the weekend.
  • Junior National Outdoor Championships- 1st place both days

Some Compound scores achieved:

  • World Archery 1440 – 1372
  • 50m distance World Archery 720 – 662, 660, 663
  • Head to Head – 142, 141, 140