Still Motivated?

We have all been there, your training is going great, you’ve been absolutely on it with your nutrition and you are flying towards your goals. Then from out of nowhere your motivation is gone, you’ve got a million different excuses to eat the wrong things or skip a training session.

Why does this happen?

There can be many reasons:

  • Other things getting in the way of your normal routine.
  • Becoming complacent with the results you have achieved.
  • Injuries causing setbacks.
  • Feeling like you aren’t making any progress.
  • Been on a holiday.
  • Achieving you goals and not knowing what to do next.

These are just a few reasons and to be honest the reasons aren’t always as simple as this. It is personal to you. The important thing is to recognise it and then try to refocus, below is some top tips from our trainers.

Eddie’s Tip: “My main concept when helping people stay motivated it to set goals. Ultimately we all do what we do in our day to day lives for a purpose, understanding your purpose will help you stay motivated.  When setting goals, make sure they follow these principles. A goal should be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, (in a) Time Frame

Tony’s Tip: “Trying something new could be the inspiration you need to reinvigorate you. Personal Training, a new Group Session or even adding a run to your weekly programme can give your training a new dimension.

Joe’s Tip: “Write down your personal reasons why you train, put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day”

Sean’s Tip: “Progression Photos – Photos are a great way to help you stay motivated throughout your training. Scales & measurements can be misleading – Whether you’ve gained muscle, increased measurements or maybe the scales have gone up, it doesn’t necessarily mean bad things. Photos allow you to see just how and where your bodies changed.

Robin’s Tip: “Be accountable to friends and family, tell someone about what you are trying to achieve. Having more people aware of your goals means you will be accountable and they will ask you how you are getting on. The fear of letting others down can be a real positive for your motivation.

Scott’s Tip: “Become part of fitness community. Training with likeminded people who share your passion will help you reach new levels. They also keep you on the straight and narrow and check in if you go missing.

The most important thing is to not allow a dip in motivation to take over and to send you back to where you started. Try some of the tips above to help you out.

Lastly if you are really struggling we are here to help, drop us a message or catch us for a chat when you in next.