Barbell Club

Not your normal Group Training Session… IT’S MUCH MORE!

Barbell Club

Barbell Club is Strength and Conditioning in its purest from. A fully qualified Strength and Conditioning Coach will guide you through the fundamental movements required to make you stronger. This session is available to all abilities.

Each session will include the following;

•    1 Main Lift: Squats or Deadlifts
•    Accessory Movements
•    Metabolic Conditioning

Barbell Club METCON

Barbell Club METCON takes the fundamentals from our incredible Barbell Club and focuses on the Metabolic Conditioning Element.

What does this mean for your workout?

…well you still Deadlift, Squat, Push, Pull, Jump, Slam, Swing, Run and Burpee but with a focus on volume, intensity and aerobic conditioning.

Barbell Club Olympic Lifting

Barbell Club – Olympic Lifting Cover all the fundamentals of the 2 Olympic lifts Snatch & Clean + Jerk.

Working the movement patterns involved, the mobility required and the strength needed to give you the chance to lift with consistency.

Olympic Lifting is both fun and challenging and adaptable for all levels.

Barbell Club Functional Fitness

Come together as a team to take on a the challenge of Functional Fitness.

Working as a team, you will lift, jump, carry, throw and slam your way through each workout.
This session is for everyone and can be adapted for all abilities, with everyone bringing something to their team.

This workout will push you out of your comfort zone, will test your aerobic system and is designed to give you the engine to go harder for longer.


Our signature Strength & Conditioning programme is designed by our team of coaches to give you structure you need for your weekly training routine.

Whether you are a beginner, lifting for the first time or an experienced lifter this programme is guaranteed to get you stronger and fitter.

Using a variety of traditional and modern day training methods our team of coaches will take your training to another level.

To ensure that you are making progress, you will have your very own Barbell Club Training Log.

This will help you to set goals, track your numbers and ultimately see your results every week.

Accountability is key, using this training log with the help of our coaches will help to keep you focused.

Strength underpins everything you do in life…
Barbell Club will not only build a stronger you
but a more functional you.









Barbell Timetable

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Return / Refund Policy

  • Payment for all Group Training sessions must be received prior to the booking of the session to ensure space is reserved.
  • Cancellations within a 6-hour period will not be refunded. (any extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration)
  • Cancellations prior to the 6-hour period will receive a credit towards a future group training session based on availability.
  • For all membership terms and conditions, including cancellation policy click here.

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